Sky Sortilege 

Based on the principles of divination by sortilege this reading is designed for those who do not have specific questions in mind. Oftentimes one feels that they are in need of guidance without knowing from where. Or perhaps even that there is a vague spiritual curiosity that one wishes to fulfill. Your open inquiry will be addressed to assortments of paper, bone, bead, and all manner of object. These are the terrestrial representatives of stars, planets, asteroids, as well as lesser known effulgences and anti-lights. That which is drawn is exactly perfect for the moment. Between the emerging beings of the sky a story will be woven; every time unique. 

This reading comes in the form of a PDF which will be emailed to you within a few weeks time. 

Required Information:
*Full Name


AFTER PAYMENT PLEASE USE THE ‘NOTE’ SECTION TO PROVIDE ALL RELEVANT INFORMATION ASKED FOR IN THE ‘REQUIRED INFORMATION’ SECTION. If this information is not available to you please provide as much as possible and we can move forward from there. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE ALL OF THE NECESSARY INFORMATION OR COMMUNICATE THEN WE CANNOT MOVE FORWARD WITH THE CONSULTATION. Please address all inquiries to the contact link on this website. 

***Consultations are never a replacement for or seeking to give professional medical, psychiatric, or clinical advice.

***Consultations are conducted over Zoom. Client’s may record the consultation on their end.