Lunar Stations

Lunar Stations, also popularly known as lunar mansions, form the zodiac of the Moon into 28 unique positions. This consultation explores your natal planetary placements in this lesser known zodiac as well as planetary relationships to fixed stars (the closest allies to the lunar stations), magical applications, the stories of the relevant stations, as well as the spirit beings and intelligences which flow through them. 

This reading includes a written PDF of notes as well as a one hour live consultation. After payment, I will reach out to the provided email to schedule the consultation and ask any further questions. 

Required Information:
*Full Name
*Birth Time, Place, and Location  


AFTER PAYMENT PLEASE USE THE ‘NOTE’ SECTION TO PROVIDE ALL RELEVANT INFORMATION ASKED FOR IN THE ‘REQUIRED INFORMATION’ SECTION. If this information is not available to you please provide as much as possible and we can move forward from there. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE ALL OF THE NECESSARY INFORMATION OR COMMUNICATE THEN WE CANNOT MOVE FORWARD WITH THE CONSULTATION. Please address all inquiries to the contact link on this website.

***Consultations are never a replacement for or offering professional medical, psychiatric, or clinical advice.

***Consultations are conducted over Zoom.