J.M. Hamade


J.M. Hamade is a talismanic artist, diviner, writer, and educator, currently residing in New York City. Specializing in various traditions of ‘Image Magic,’ with a focus on astrology, star lore, and talismanic craftsmanship, his work seeks to bridge contemporary aesthetics with time tested magical techniques rooted in astrological magic. He has published both writing and illustration with Hadean Press, Revelore Press, The Mountain Astrologer, as well as exhibitions, lectures, and works of performance highlighting aesthetics of the esoteric and occult.

Books & Publications

The Mountain Astrologer Cancer Sol #222
Shams al-Ma’arif: An Arabic Grimoire published by Revelore Press
Conjure Codex 4 published by Hadean Press
Guede et Mô: A Workbook by Ya sezi Bo Oungan published by Hadean Press

Writings & Articles

Akeldama: A Field of Blood
The Longest Night
The Two Waters
Notes on the ‘Infernalization of Jinn’
Anicon Holy Icon: Absence, Erasure, & the Islamic Dead  


Sable Crossings: Underworld Markings Along the Milky Way for AstroMagia
Beyond, Before, Besides Renaissance Astral Magic, A Panel for AstroMagia
Re-Haunting Astrology, A Panel for The Salem Summer Symposium
The Hall of Mirrors for The Salem Summer Symposium
An Introduction to Astrology for The Cauldron Black
Al-Khidr & the Oasis of Prophethood for The Cauldron Black
Imago: Liberation of the Images for The Cauldron Black
Through the Hour Glass Darkly for The Salem Summer Symposium


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SaturnVox podcast, ‘The Artes of the Artist’
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The Cosmic Dispatch, ‘The Malefics’, Radio Kingston NY
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