starnightdwell is the multimedia platform and astral moniker of J.M. Hamade, comprising podcast, writing, visual art, works of audio + video, as well as a stellar-spirit informed consultation practice.

“J.M. Hamade is an interdisciplinary artist, diviner, writer, and educator, currently residing in New York City. With a focus on both general and historical forms of 'Image Magic,’ his/they’re work seeks to bridge contemporary aesthetics with time tested magical techniques rooted in astrology, star lore, as well as various talismanic art-forms.”

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A Sable Passage - Conjure Codex 5 published by Hadean Press
The Red Dreaded Spindle by Sasha Ravitch published by Hadean Press
Cancer Sol #222 published by The Mountain Astrologer
Shams al-Ma’arif: An Arabic Grimoire published by Revelore Press
Conjure Codex 4 published by Hadean Press
Guede et Mô: A Workbook by Ya sezi Bo Oungan published by Hadean Press
Nomad Explorations V 2.1: Genesis, Eden, and the Grail in Modernity by Luke Barnesmoore


The Egg Clothed in a Serpent Garland for Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival
A House of Stars, with The Golden Dome School 
Moon Draws Upon Earth, Half Moon Bay CA
Sable Crossings: Underworld Markings Along the Milky Way for AstroMagia
Beyond, Before, Besides Renaissance Astral Magic, A Panel for AstroMagia
Re-Haunting Astrology, A Panel for The Salem Summer Symposium
The Hall of Mirrors for The Salem Summer Symposium
An Introduction to Astrology for The Cauldron Black
Al-Khidr & the Oasis of Prophethood for The Cauldron Black
Imago: Liberation of the Images for The Cauldron Black
Through the Hour Glass Darkly for The Salem Summer Symposium


Desiderare ”From the Stars”: A Conversation on Desire hosted by Sasha Ravitch
Speakeasy of the Dead, ‘V-Witch Flight’ hosted by Radio Free Golgotha
The Cosmic Dispatch, ‘Astrologer’s Roundtable March 2023’ 
Spiritbox podcast, ‘Al-Khidr’
Radio Free Golgotha podcast, ‘The Feast of the Archangel Gabriel’ 
Astro Talk Talk ‘Moon Draws Upon Earth for IG Live (@ art_of_the_zodiac)
The Cosmic Dispatch, ‘Scorpio Season: Witches Roundtable’
Glitch Bottle podcast, ‘The Sun of Knowledge’
SaturnVox podcast, ‘The Artes of the Artist’
The Cosmic Dispatch, ‘Astrologer’s Roundtable’
Speakeasy of the Dead, ‘Execration,’ hosted by Radio Free Golgotha
The Cosmic Dispatch, ‘The Malefics’, Radio Kingston NY
Witchhassle podcast, ‘The Sun of Knowledge’
Spiritbox podcast, ‘The Sun of Knowledge’
What Magic is This? podcast, ‘The Shams al-Ma’arif’
Speakeasy of the Dead, ‘The Long Night,’ hosted by Radio Free Golgotha
Liminal Light podcast, ‘Art, Imagination, and the Spirit World’
Speakeasy of the Dead, ‘The Mighty Dead,’ hosted by Radio Free Golgotha


“Two weeks ago I got a fixed star reading from Jay and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I went into the reading not knowing much of anything about fixed stars. But Jay’s process was incredible thorough, his breadth of knowledge on the subject was awesome to witness, and his explanations were clear, kind, and thoughtful. I have so much information to work with and a boatload of practical magical advice to work through. Feell free to reach out to me if you have any questions about my experience. If you are thinking about getting one, do it. You won’t be disappointed.”
-Cydney G. (@rosadarua ︎)

“I feel so fortunate to have had Jay’s attention and time with my chart. Jay’s breadth of knowledge and perspective is truly wonderful and in his singular way he provided me with information that was revelatory and extremely useful. The reading illuminated in new ways aspects of my ways of being that I had been familiar with but without such glittering insight. I consider him to be a touchstone in my spiritual practice.” -Autumn W.

“Working in a spiritual supply store I have seen and experienced a lot of people with gifts and talents that would blow many people's minds. It is not often that I feel called to even reach out to others to work with my chart and very few that I would even consider their insight into how I can creatively express my chart from a more magical lens. Jay is one of those people and with good reason. My expectations were met and then some. I am deeply grateful for being able to work with Jay, not only would I recommend him, I have recommended him to multiple people and even am going to get my partner a session with Jay. Appreciative and grateful for all of the time and dedication Jay has clearly put into the craft.”
-Cameron A. (@cadream6 ︎)

“Being on my spiritual journey for some years now, I had many encounters and visions which I never really understood or could explain. I didn't expect to find the answers during an astrology reading :-) And also receiving advice how to further develop on those findings. I really advice everybody who has similar experience, to book a reading with J.M.Hamade this is a whole new dimension which will open up for you. Thank you J.M. Hamade!”
-B.C. from the Netherlands

“I recently had a fascinating, fantastic & extremely helpful ancestral  and transit/forecasting reading with JM Hamade. I am so happy, because I received a lot of hope, inspiration, and many simple practical steps to take. Jay helped me a lot with how to work with my Ancestral issues, & with the rest of the current challenges in my life. I highly recommend Jay! He is very conscientious, and does a lot of preparation before the session. Did you know he does a specific individual mediumship meditation for each session - to get important deep insights & information for each of his clients? That is amazing, caring, and very rare. JM brought me a lot of impactful, helpful ideas, wisdom, knowledge, and solutions, and I'm very grateful. If you've been wondering whether or not to book, just book it right away, you're gonna be very glad that you did!!! I am telling all of my close friends to book with him! Thank you J for all of your help!!!”
-Wendy W.