A House of Stars: 
Exercises in Soul Design

with The Golden Dome School

“In the Moon's nightly journey across the sky she was thought to reside in a series of consecutive locations often conceived of as homes, palaces, resting places, and lodgings. This is the lunar zodiac. The beings who both populate and decorate these places are associated with stars and their related dwellings. As she traveled through these places she came to imbibe their qualities of character, sound, taste, and scent; taking their memories on new legs of familiar journeys. This workshop will begin with an introduction to the lunar zodiac through the various cultures that have conceived it. In addition to this, we will briefly discuss the most prominent images, sounds, letters, and plant substances associated with these -sometimes 27 sometimes 28- locales. Part astrological delineation part exercise in creative imagination, we will proceed to design a personal dwelling for our natal Moon; both using the available material as well as our own imagining of what might go alongside it. To conclude we will share a few of our dwellings as well as discuss the multiple applications of this visualization technique: for use in astrological magic (talismans being dwellings of a sort), dwellings and interpretations of other planets in the chart, interior design of one's actual home as lunar remediation, and of course as a general creative exercise in discovering and designing a place for our personal creative soul.”