An Introduction to Astrology

With the Cauldon Black 

The ancient art of astrology is no exception to the information inundation of our current age. In a time of abundant astrological information, the newcomer is often hard pressed to discern between the vast corpus of interpretations, transits, and varied styles. Using metaphor, imagery, and most importantly, the elegant conceptual tools provided by traditional astrology, this class seeks to give the newcomer the means to both discern and imagine how this corpus may apply within their particular lives.

The four-fold structure of planets, signs, houses, and aspects, give us the rudimentary tools to analyze any and all charts as well as more complex astrological concepts. Additionally, we may use these tools to begin a structured approach within the world of astrological magic; the basis of much talismanic and working electional magic being these same tools.

With an emphasis on conceptual framework, the class is befitting for the absolute beginner to the seasoned astrologer. No prior knowledge of astrology is necessary!

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Al Khidr 
& the Oasis of Prophethood

With the Cauldron Black 
for their Mighty Dead Series

The elusive 'Green Saint' of Islamic mysticism is something of an ancestor, anti ancestor and pre ancestor all in one, for the mightiest of the Dead have conquered death itself. Covering a brief history of theological, philosophical, and folk beliefs around Al Khidr, this talk will seek to explore how this mysterious figure can help us to examine notions around death and how it interacts with life.

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Liberation of the Images

Potentials & Reassessments on the
Practice of Sigil Magic

With the Cauldron Black

With accessibility and creative simplicity in execution, the popularity of sigil crafting among contemporary magical practitioners goes without question. This class will cover: A brief theory and history of magical images, Spare’s fundamental ideas about the practice, contemporary iterations, and most importantly a thoroughgoing reassessment for practical implementation. In the spirits of both homage and revitalization this talk will seek to broaden and perhaps enhance this wonderful practice through inquiry, history, and a potential re-envisioning of magical imagery and the efficacy therein.

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