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Welcome to the sidereal picture show. 
An exploration of the imagination through starlight.
Focusing on art, magic, culture, astrology, and esotericism.

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No. 6

North Star
with Langston Kahn 

From Solstice to Solstice we have traveled to our newest conversation with honored guest Langston Kahn. With perhaps an unconventional approach to the concept of the North Star (sometimes Pole Star), Langston, a shamanic practitioner and writer, speaks with us about this star’s ability to help guide as well as set our heart’s ablaze with starlight and a sense of sovereignty. 

Beginning with some context around ‘shamanism’ and some of the ways the North Star may be interacted with, we also get into Langston’s own tradition, cosmology, as well as personal experiences. All in all, a much needed reprieve from the oftentimes ultra-cerebral approach of astrology proper (as well as my own!). 

Langston’s Info: 
︎ @langstonkahn

Music: ‘Going North’ by Mother Nun

No. 5

Star of the Magi
with Dr. Alexander Cummins

On this Summer Solstice episode of the show we are joined by Dr. Alexander Cummins for a wonderful chat around that most famous (yet not often spoken about in astrological circles) heralding star; sometimes referred to as the Star of the Magi or the Star of Bethlehem. 

With so much beautiful lore surrounding this sign I thought of no better a mind than Dr. Cummins’ to survey all things historical and esoteric. His focus on dead magicians and folk necromancy is curiously not misplaced here. 

Dr. Cummins’ Info:
︎& ︎ @grimoiresontape

Music: ‘Going North’ by Mother Nun

No. 4

Meta-Image, Divination, and Occult Podcasting - Saturn in Aquarius
with McCalla Ann

For this Mercury Retrograde special we are joined by McCalla Ann, host of the SaturnVox podcast/platform for a fun *albeit technologically frustrating* swapcast discussion. 

Highlighting our mutual natal placements in Aquarius, we discuss the limits of knowledge in regards to divination, as well as similarly themed philosophical and esoteric inquiries. McCalla also speaks directly to their experiences and practice as a professional diviner with some time tested observations around presence, performance, and embodying the role that is observing the image in all of its various masks; the meta-image as we come to call it. 

In joining one another on our respective show’s, the dialogue led to new and fascinating insights; testament to not only the medium itself but the re-visionary process of Mercury in its retrograde phase. To hear my interview on McCalla’s show, you can visit their podcast called SaturnVox.  

McCalla’s Info:
︎& ︎ @saturnvox

Music: ‘Going North’ by Mother Nun

No. 3

Starry Other Folk - The Lesser Spring
with Sasha Ravitch

Sasha Ravitch, astrolater, folkloric-witch, and all around bestie joins the show to discuss her idiosyncretic astrological practice as well as fixed stars, spirit work, and of course relating to other in a starry context.

By other, we mean those beings often found in liminal places; the ones who we intentionally refer to in an indirect way. In this same fashion the means we may use to access these worlds are often unorthodox, if not outright fantastical. The way our personal experience comes up against or alongside established tradition is another theme of the show. 

With direct experience from her pratice as well as some professional recommendations, this episode sets a proper mood for future interviews as we continue to explore imagination and its role in spheres of knowledge making, creativity, and the like. 

Sasha’s Info:
︎ @sasha.ravitch
Sasha’s Patreon

Music: ‘Going North’ by Mother Nun

No. 2

The Hand of Fatima - Cassiopeia
with Dr. Amina Inloes

Recorded and released on Laylat al-Qadr, or the Islamic ‘Night of Power,’ Dr. Amina Inloes joins us to discuss her newest book, completed on behalf of the late Eva-Maria von Kemnitz, on the multivalent yet mostly apotropaic symbol of the khamsa or the ‘Hand of Fatima.’ Found in the night sky as the constellation known as Cassiopeia, we also muse on star lore and various connections between this symbol and similar myth themes, archetypes, and cultural manifestations. 

Amina’s Info:
︎&︎ @Arabic__Magic
︎ @AminaInloes
Book will be published by Brill 

Music: ‘Going North’ by Mother Nun

No. 1

House of Stars
Solo Show

In this inaugurating episode I discuss the ethos of the show as well as some underlying spirits guiding the process. Most importantly I outline the other-under-world journeying inherent in imaginal exploration; perhaps best visualized by the celestial Milky Way and the containment of all visible stars within her body.

Night Sky Goddess Nut / Tepeyollotl (Jaguar) & Calli (House) - Akbal (Cave/Dawn) / The Tragedy of Macbeth / ‘Sable Crossings: Underworld Markings Along the Milky Way’ by J.M. Hamade / ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ by Sigmund Freud / Coast to Coast AM / The Harrowing 

Music: ‘Going North’ by Mother Nun